The Cosmos Hotel Taipei is the first hotel launched by the Cosmos Hotels & Resorts . Since then, the group has accumulated over 40 years of experiences in hotel management. With a diverse branding strategy, it has gained expert knowledge of the hotels market and elevated its customer services, thus allowing its subsidiary hotels, the  Cosmos Hotel Taipei and the Taipei Garden Hotel, to both maintain the top 3 highest hotel occupancy among competitors over the years.
In 2011, observing its core management philosophy of “diversity, unity, community and sustainability”, the Cosmos Hotels & Resorts consolidated the operation of all of its member hotels in order to better serve its diverse clientele. From a humble beginning of a homegrown business, it has developed into a professional, well-rounded hotel management group.
In recent years, it further expanded and consolidated its business operations to include hotel management consultation and franchising opportunities, and launched the Cosmos Design Center (CDC) in 2016,using the ‘scenario oriented’ method as the core development tool to construct a multi-faceted communication platform, minimize investment risks, meet the goal of the investors, and successfully pinpoint market positions for its various themed hotels. Throughout its growth, the group has remained mindful of its social responsibilities, and has strived to become a reliable partner to its customers, clients, employees, shareholders and business partners.

From hotel owner to hotel business management
Multi-brand operation strategy