Cosmos Group Intro

The Cosmos Hotels & Resorts
The Cosmos Hotels & Resorts has evolved from self-constructed and self-owned hotel properties to establishing a brand and building up professional management expertise, transforming into a comprehensive and well-rounded hotel management group. Cosmos Hotels & Resorts comprises four major business entities: hospitality businesses, off-site F&B, golf course, and real estate development. Each entity upholds core values of “”diversity, unity, community and sustainability”” and a service ethos of thoughtfulness and warmth encapsulated in the motto “”Thoughtful in Every Detail, Warmth in your Heart.”” These values and spirit are aimed at meeting the diverse needs of customers at all levels, and they are dedicated to providing consumers with meticulous service and profoundly wonderful experiences.

The hospitality business has adopted a multi-brand strategy
Since inception, the Cosmos Hotels and Resorts has been able to leverage its seasoned hotel management experiences and exceptional business performance to serve international and domestic travelers alike. Adopting a multi-brand strategy, we establish partnerships with investors to launch new hotel projects, and to invite franchise and operational management opportunities. Currently, the Cosmos Group owns 16 brands and 12 revenue-generating hotel properties, showcasing our determined effort to actively expand our business footprint.