Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation

Following the success of Sun Dialogue Hotel by Cosmos Creation on Da-Jia Road in Chiayi and –Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation in Taichung’s Feng-Jia Commercial District, Cosmos Creation targeted the Taipei market for the launch of its third endeavor. Located in the Hua Shan 1914 Creative Park, Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation is housed in a historical building that retained the original beamless architectural design, and is developed along the concept of “Saving and storing Huashan 1950. The Word ‘Saving’ signifies the building’s connection to its banking past, because it was originally built in 1952 as a warehouse for the First Commercial Bank. ‘Storing’ reflects the building’s history as a brewing and storing facility during the Japanese rule, as the 50’s were also the golden era of the Taipei Brewery. Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation is a themed hotel of cultural creativity with the 1950’s retro style that incorporates the elements of banking and the brewery cultures of its past.

  • 72 /Guest


  • 1 /Dining


Hotel Amenities

Snack Bar/ Coin-Op Laundry Machines /Design Highlight

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