The Cosmos Group

The Cosmos Hotels and Resorts  is actively expanding its business and currently has 13 brands, 9 hotels, 1 golf course, 1,100 employees, and operates 900 guest rooms, 24 restaurants, and a banquet space that can accommodate party sizes from 3 to 300 tables.


Cosmos Hotel Taipei: Opened in 1979
Taipei Garden Hotel: Opened in 2009
La Fusion Bakery Cosmos Store: Opened in 2011
The Cosmos Hotels and Resorts : Established in 2011
Cosmos Banquet at TICC: Established in 2012
Bee House: Opened in 2013
La Fusion Bakery Bee House Store: Opened in 2014
Prime One Steakhouse: Opened in 2014
La Fusion Bakery Beetan Store: Opened in 2015
Cosmos Creation: Established in 2016
Burger Lab: Opened in 2016
Cosmos Design Center: Established in2016
Cosmos Bon Car: Established in 2016
Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation: Established in 2018


Taoyuan Golf & Country Club, Yaward Resort: Opened in 1980



Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation: Opened in 2016


Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui, Hualien: Opened in 2019