Grand Cosmos Resort
Hualien City

Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui,Hualienis the latest resort hotel from the Cosmos Hotels & Resorts group. It sits on an expansive ground of more than 16 acres in Hualien’sRuisuitownship, and is Taiwan’s first 5-star resort to offer luxury villa accommodations combined with a cold/hot spring theme park, as well as offering the Angsana SPA operated by the internationally renowned Banyan Tree Corporation.With an architectural design of exotic southern European cottage style set against the breathtaking beauty of nature enriched with colorful local culture, Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui is set to bring you the best of HualianRuisui.

198 Guest Rooms

7VIP Rooms

Banquet Hall:55
Auditorium with tiered seating: 163



Taipei Garden Hotel
Taipei City

The Taipei Garden Hotel is a luxury city hotel located in western Taipei, with 241 well appointed, high ceiling guest rooms and a diverse dining option that include an international restaurant and a premium steakhouse. The hotel boastsa spacious pillar-free multi-purpose banquet hall with 7-meter high ceiling, private and fully customizable conference rooms, a business center and more
Guest Rooms:241

Banquet Hall:9 private meeting rooms,38 Banquet Hall, Capacity: 66 tables

To-Gather Kitchen/ Jade Restaurant  /  Hanabby Bakery/PRIME ONE STEAK HOUSE/Taipei Garden Café Toast & Thai

Cosmos Hotel Taipei
Taipei City

Cosmos Hotel Taipei is located next to the M3 Exit of the Taipei Station MRT stop, Taipei’s main transportation hub. In addition to its prime location, the hotel boasts a total of 226 comfortable rooms and a selection of fine restaurants. Jade restaurant offers delicious southeast Chinese cuisine and CantoneseDim Sum, the Lily Restaurant provides European-style exotic dining,and Main Station Juice and Ice Desserts ,Located next to the Taipei Main Station, the Main Station Juice and Ice Desserts was born out of love of Taiwan, and each menu item is made with traditional method using locally sourced ingredients.

Guest Rooms:226

Banquet Hall:19 private meeting rooms/42 Multi-Function VIP rooms / Capacity 96/Tables

Lily Restaurant/ Main Station Juice and Ice Desserts/Jade Restaurant / Hanabby Bakery/17 Cafe Lounge

Taoyuan Golf & Country Club,Yaward Resort
Taoyuan City

Taoyuan Golf & Country Club is comprised of three sections with a total of 27 holes. The first hole on the Eastern Course measures 756 yards at par six; it is the longest fairway in Taiwan, taking advantage of the natural topography to make it one of the most challenging but entertaining courses on the island. Yaward Hotel is located on the golf course ground, with 61 luxury guest rooms and a wide range of high-end leisure and sports facilities, including a driving range, an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor gym. Enjoy a stress-free getaway immersed in fresh air and Mother Nature. Enjoy Yaward.
Guest Rooms:61

Banquet Hall:6 private meeting rooms/22 Multi-Function VIP rooms / Capacity 73 Tables

Sunshine Café, Jade Restaurant ,banquets and conferences


Bee House by Cosmos Creation

Taipei City

Bee House is a themed boutique hotel located in the shopping district behind the Taipei Main Station.Borrowing the concept of bees returning home, Bee Houseprovides travelers a simple yet chic accommodation style in a total of 31 comfortable guest rooms on 6 levels. There is also aWi-Fi zone in the lobby, a fitness center, alaundry room, and other amenities and dining optionsto satisfy the needs of travelers from around the world, so they can enjoy the relaxed feeling of being home while on the road.
Guest Rooms:31
Garden Cafe/ Hanabby Bakery

Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation
Chiayi City

Cosmos Creation is the newest branding venture from Cosmos Hotels and Resorts.It launched Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation – a professionally managed hotel that is enriched with local cultural and artisanal craftsmanship. Its bright white geometric design of the exterior expresses fluidity in style with an art museum-like elegance, while the guest rooms are injected with pops of bright colors to inspire a lively energy. Through creative and imaginative design and artwork, A-Li Mountain’s iconic beauty is able to permeate every corner of the hotel’s public space and guest rooms – its breathtaking sunrise, mesmerizing mountain mist, and majestic Cypress Pines – and further invokes a sense of pleasant amenity from guests and travelers. Furthermore, the Sun Dialogue Hotel aims to target the family market with is abundant display art and design that will draw out the inner child in everyone.
Guest Rooms:71
Sun Dialogue Cafe

Taipei City

Cosmos Creation targeted the Taipei market for the launch of its third endeavor. Located in the Hua Shan 1914 Creative Park, Cosmos Creation – Hua Shan Din is housed in a historical building that retained the original beamless architectural design, and is developed alongthe concept of “Saving and storing Huashan 1950. ‘Saving’ signifies the building’s connection to its banking past, because it was originally built in 1952 as a warehouse for the First Commercial Bank. ‘Storing’ reflects the building’s history as a brewing and storing facility during the Japanese rule, as the 50’s werealso the golden era of the Taipei Brewery.Cosmos Creation – Hua Shan Ding is athemed hotel of cultural creativity with the 1950’s retro style that incorporates the elements of banking and the brewery cultures of its past.

Guest Rooms:72
Tsan Si Ding